Storytelling Idea for Internal Video Communications

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Storytelling Idea for Internal Video Communications

One of the more engaging forms of internal communications is to make short films about your business.

These can ideally be shown within communal areas such as canteens and cafes, reception areas or, if your office has suitable facilities, on large video screens (with the sound turned down!)

Be aware that a ten-minute video may require two hours of original footage (or more!), but the effort will be worth it; this is a great way of showing yourself as a switched-on company which knows how to keep in touch with your staff.

People love to see and hear stories – it’s ingrained into the human psyche. Maybe you can focus on how a specific issue was raised within your company, get members of staff to tell the story of how it was dealt with and how improvements were made.

You may need to be careful about which members of staff you select to appear in the video. Always use more than one person to create variety but be aware that anyone perceived as a company ‘yes’ man may not be ideal – people relate to likeable people!

Equally, people may be nervous about appearing on screen so you might need to bring in some form of training before you start filming.

Videos allow you to recreate experiences more effectively than through the written word. For instance, if the video is about how improvements were made to food in the staff canteen, fried-18967_640feature pictures of the food which prompted the complaints, then show what the menu looks like now. Have voiceovers of staff members talking about how bad it was, how they went about raising the issue and how they feel now that you have acted over their concerns.

Make sure, however, that this doesn’t become an opportunity for senior management to claim all the credit. If you use them at all, have them talking about how they listened to the complaints of team members and quickly responded. This allows you to make sure that all of the employees can feel involved.

Videos also allow you to promote the successes of individuals within the business. People who have great stories to tell can become role models, not only within the business but also to help raise and improve your company’s profile as it is seen by the outside world.

If you have any ideas which you would like to see developed into a professionally finished and dynamic video, email or call 0843 1760 255 today to chat with the team and get started.


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